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Tampico Cleaning Brush

This is a versatile brush that's great to have since it can be used to clean a wide variety of fabrics and leathers. The natural bristles are relatively stiff, allowing this brush to scrub away dirt, dust, debris, and stains, but soft enough to not scratch leather or pull at the threads of fabric. This brush can be used dry, but works best with Otter Wax's Saddle Soap (if you are cleaning leather) or their Canvas Cleaner (if you are cleaning fabrics).

This brush is 8" long, and features an ergonomic curve that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to get to those hard-to-reach areas. The bristles on this brush are made from sustainably harvested tampico fibers and should be cleaned and allowed to dry after each use. 

Otter Wax understands that quality can't be rushed. Their entire line of fabric and leather care are formulated and hand-made in Portland, Oregon. Their products are simple and natural, right down to the recyclable packaging. They don't use and animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives. They believe that labeling a product as "All-Natural" shouldn't merely be a marketing tool, but instead a way of showing their commitment to making pure, honest and effective products.